Structural Design Services by Criterium-Jagiasi Engineers

The structural engineer’s responsibility to design a building that meets code and life safety standards must be integrated into the aesthetic and functional characteristics that the architecture desires. Additionally, construction costs are critical to the viability of a project. Therefore, producing a design that maximizes structure efficiency is essential. We believe the ability to provide a design that meets all of these demands is the essence of good structural engineering.

Criterium-Jagiasi Engineers specializes in the design of commercial and residential building projects and the remodel and rehabilitation of existing buildings. Criterium-Jagiasi Engineers provides complete consulting services, including analysis and design preparation of construction documents and construction administration services.

Our licensed, Professional Engineers are experienced in designing structures using steel, concrete, masonry and timber. Our portfolio includes a wide range of building projects including office, research and development, manufacturing, industrial, educational, institutional, healthcare, warehouse/distribution, apartments, entertainment, retail, and single family and multi-family residences.

Criterium-Jagiasi Engineers handles projects ranging from single building component consultations to the design of large corporate campuses. Contact us to learn more about our structural design services.